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NOHRD SWING FREE WEIGHTS AND SWING TOWER DESCRIPTION Swinging movements belong to our daily routine. They are a natural component of our repertoire of moves. By incorporating swing-training into your workout with the use of NOHrD Swing Weights, muscles, joints and connective tissue will become more flexible, supple and more resilient. Unlike a Kettlebell, which is a solid piece of metal the NOHrD Swing Free Weights are filled with iron-granulated pellets. These pellets move around as you swing the leather sack providing dynamic imbalance of movement. The outcome is extra hand movement, which delivers varying stimuli to joints, muscles and connective tissue. The NOHrD Swing Free Weights and Swing Tower are beautifully manufactured. The Swing Free Weights are sanded. oiled and sewn by hand. The pellets are encased in hand-stitched genuine leather pouches, which contain a metal splint for stability. The Free Weights are available in 2.4.6. and 8 kg. FEATURES 4 x pairs of Swing Weights 2,4,6, 8kg Iron Pellet filling Swing Free Weight made from oiled leather bags Swing Free Weight is hand sewn in two colours. Swing Free Weight wooden handle is made from Ash, Oak, Cherry or Walnut Swing Free Weight handle is large enough to be gripped by two hands Swing Tower made from solid Ash, Oak, Cherry or Walnut Swing Tower can hold a tablet. smartphone or exercise manual Exercise manual included SPECIFICATION Hand stitched leather Solid wood grip in various woods Iron Pellet filling Free standing swing weight tower in various woods Swing weight tower holds 8 x swing weights Size Swing Tower Base 34cm x 34cm. Swing Tower Height 87cm. Swing Tower Central Column 15cm x15cm Swing Tower Weight without Swing Weights 10kg

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