Roger Black Gold Folding Air Rowing Machine

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The Roger Black Gold Folding Air Rowing Machine is compact enough to set up anywhere in your home and offers a range of workouts for a customised experience. Whether you are a novice or an experienced beginner, this folding air rowing machine will be the perfect addition to any home gym.
The Gold Folding Air Rowing Machine from Roger Black Fitness comes with a battery-operated LCD that offers goal-related workout programs and 8 resistance levels. So, if you are starting, this air rowing machine will fit the bill for you. It comes with a console that displays all the main metrics, footplates with Velcro straps, a steel framework, an ABS casing, and many more amazing features:
The front main body of the rower is already pre-assembled, and the rear monorail connects in the middle thanks to a pin: open the pin to release the rail, and you can then fold it up to save space. Return the same pin to lock the rower into a folded position. It’s then easy to move using the transport rollers at the front.
The air resistance is not prone to wear and tear, so the whole maintenance requires you to keep the seat rail clean, which offers excellent value and peace of mind. The air rowers are more silent and provide resistance by making you row against a fan. You can manually alter the pulling resistance, but you will find that the tension also increases when you pull harder or faster. If you need to work off a more affordable lower type of budget, without many expert programs such as Watts programs, this Air Rower is the appropriate rowing machine.
The console comes with an adjustable LCD screen angle that shows time, time/500m, distance, strokes, and calories burned so that you can monitor all metrics easily. The LCD is user-friendly to enable anyone to jump and get a clear readout of basic workout progression without taking a computer tech degree. And because the console is battery operated with 2 x AA (1.5 V), you can use it wherever you want. Place your phone or tablet on the devise holder, located above the display, and you can add entertainment to your workout by hearing music, viewing your favourite shows during rowing sessions or using a more advanced fitness app.
The pulling handlebar consists of a straight bar with rubber foam grips that sits nicely in your hands for maximum comfort and ensure a proper grip to focus on your training session. The handle is attached to a heavy-duty nylon strap, which provides a smooth operation, and is highly resistant to abrasion. Like many rowing machines, the pulling handle does not integrate any pulse sensors.
The saddle is a wide ergonomic moulded foam seat pad that maximises comfort and performance and incorporates bearings underneath to provide the smoothest movement possible when moving across the 105 cm long solid aluminium rail. It prevents slipping during the rowing, allowing you to exercise comfortably for a longer time. And the rowing position is good; the seat is around 30 cm off the ground, so it’s easy to get on the rower and position your feet.
The rail is not entirely horizontal, and the seat is higher at the rear and lower at the front, resulting in a more effortless recovery motion during each stroke and a slightly better leg workout. It suits all users from 150cm to 185cm (4-ft9” to 6-ft3”) tall, with a maximum weight of 120kg (265 lb). This design helps you get more of a leg and thigh workout when pushing off and returning to the catch position. If exercising your legs is among your priorities, this rower is the right one for you in the long term. Take into consideration that rowing is roughly 65 to 75 percent legs and 25 to 35 percent upper body. Rowing will shred your quads, calves, and glutes It will also strengthen your upper back, pecs, arms, abs, and obliques.
The foot pedals have a swivelling feature to alleviate any pressure off your ankles as your body angle changes through the rowing motion. The footrests also play an essential role, helping you get a better leg workout, and they have stoppers underneath that will keep them at a maximum angle of around 70°. Pivoting footplates may be great also for elderly users or those who have flexibility issues. They accommodate sports shoes of all sizes and have a non-slip surface, while the adjustable foot Velcro straps and heel guards provide improved comfort for your workout.
The Roger Black Gold Folding Air Rowing Machine weighs 41 kg and offers excellent stability. Its rear base integrates adjustable stabilizers, so you can perfectly level it. When you finish your rowing session, fold it up and tilt it forward, so the wheels on the front stabilisers connect to the floor and quickly store it or move it away.
Roger Black is a well-known British Olympic Athlete; his products

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