Roger Black Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike

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Want to see a video of the Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike? Please watch the Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike in action
The Roger Black Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike is a heavy-duty bike and is a best-selling product due to its great value for money and can be stored flat or upright, making it the perfect choice if you have limited space at home and work.
In addition, this bike is perfect if you are returning to exercise or if you are starting on your health and wellbeing journey. Regardless of whether you are 18 or 80, this low-maintenance and easy-to-use bike will give you a great aerobic workout.
If you are on a budget but fancy a low to medium workout at home, then you should consider the Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike from Roger Black Fitness. Its self-levelling pedals with straps mean you don’t have to mess around with cleats or special clip-on shoes.
The Roger Black Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike bike’s main body is already pre-assembled, it’s one of the more simplistic bikes to assemble and will take around 30 minutes to put together.
The monitor is simple to use and displays all the metrics you need, speed, distance, time, burned calories, and pulse. Or use the Scan function to have them all repetitively. It’s fully integrated with a phone/tablet holder to catch up on your favourite program or podcast during your workout.
The folding bike has a large comfortable seat, adjustable in height to suit a wide range of leg lengths. Roger is six foot three and uses this machine quite comfortably on the highest setting.
It is heavy duty for stability and durability and doesn’t fall in features and quality. It comes with a 3kg flywheel generating 8 levels of magnetic resistance, allowing smooth and silent cycling.
If you have limited space, the bike can be stored upright in a cupboard, or flat under your bed.
Ideal for beginners or moderate exercisers, this good value-for-money exercise bike offers a wide variety of modes and resistance. Whatever your motivation level, the Roger Black Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike adapts so you can decide how intense you want your workout to be.
Roger Black is a well-known British Olympic Athlete; his products have been sold in the UK for over 15 years. The Roger Black Fitness equipment is based on a fundamental desire to help people of all ages and backgrounds keep moving and enjoy getting fit – not just for the physical benefits but also for positive mental health and wellbeing. Functional and quality specs, with a choice of programs for the whole family to enjoy, whether you are 18 or 80. Roger himself regularly uses the Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike to help keep himself and his family moving throughout the year.
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