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The Nohrd WaterGrinder has been designed to replicate the sailing action of the guy they call the ‘Grinder’ whose task is to transform wind into propulsion by hoisting the sail as quickly as possible. This requires a huge amount of physical power and endurance. By rotating the WaterGrinders adjustable crank arms the motion is simulated exactly and the resistance comes from the water that is encased in the beautiful curved water-drop wooden frame. The independent, height-adjustable crank feature, provides symmetrical and reciprocal grinding, as well as both one and two-sided arm input. The WaterGrinder initiates endurance training through your arms; muscles are not usually associated with this form of training. The result is quick muscle fatigue, plus an increase in strength and endurance simultaneously and granting you an extremely efficient, exhilarating short training session. The hand pedals can be set at various heights positions which affect the resistance, the smaller the rotation the higher the intensity, you can grip both handles or grip one handle with both hands. The stylish G1 Performance Monitor of the WaterGrinder with its touch screen can be swung to either side of the machine and its balancing sensor automatically recognises its position. The simple but beautifully designed wooden seat can be hooked to the WaterGrinder on either side and in 3 different positions. Also designed for wheelchair access. Product Features Programmes & Console Specifications Product Features Water resistance Adjustable hand pedals on the crank. The seat fits on either side of the machine Designed so that wheelchair users can use it Touch button performance monitor Programmes & Console Console Touch button performance monitor with balancing sensor Programmes Rotational Speed-Training Versatility Drill-Training Racing Drill-Training Readouts Time Distance Rotational speed Calories per hour Watts Specifications Available in the following woods. Ash, Oak, Cherry, Walnut Size L x 110cm W x 80cm H x 120cm Weight 50kg (without water) Free Delivery Options Two Man delivery on this product – due to heavyweight (we will call you to arrange a suitable date) Installation Service Installation service available – click for details Confused by all the options? Call the store FREE on 0800 4580 081

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