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NEW ICAROS Pro Commercial DESCRIPTION The desire to fly is something humans have wanted to do from time immemorial. The same is true of the enjoyment of athletic competition. Imagine fulfilling these two ambitions in one piece of fitness equipment. With the ICAROS Pro you can. Have you ever dreamed of flying over mountains or diving down into the depth of the ocean? With the ICAROS Pro you can. The ICAROS Pro combines fitness with virtual reality using a VR headset. Or attach the optional tablet holder and download ICAROS games from the ICAROS app and play on your tablet, TV or Smartphone. The award winning ICAROS Pro is made in Germany from premium materials and is highly optimised for professional use and can be installed almost anywhere. Virtual Worlds, Total Immersion The ICAROS Pro provides exciting, motivating and entertaining virtual reality experiences. Conquer the skies, explore underwater worlds, or get a breathtaking virtual free fall to earth. ICAROS is a mind-blowing way to experience the infinite universe of virtual reality. Each ICAROS game includes a variety of modes and difficulty levels with durations from 2 -15 mins to guarantee great experiences and easy operation. To share the experience, ICAROS systems allow operators to display the game play on additional screens. How ICAROS Pro Works The ICAROS Pro works by you moving your body weight that in turns tilts the ICAROS Pro forward and backward and the Gyroscopic central section rolls you from side to side, so you are controlling your in-game movements and giving your self a workout in the process. This central slide has an adjustable resistance mechanism to make the workout even more challenging. Sensor’s then transmit your movement to the Virtual Reality world. Therefore you are not only visually but physically connected to the virtual world. The result is that ICAROS combines both gaming and fitness aspects that stimulate both your body and mind. Fit a tablet or Smartphone using the optional tablet holder, download the ICAROS app and you will experience a whole range of digital experiences without wearing the VR headset. This set up is ideal for commercial environments that are not regularly supervised ICAROS Pro Training Effects ICAROS workouts train different muscle groups, focusing on core and upper body muscles. The exercises simultaneously improve reflexes, balance and coordination. Leading universities have shown that the ICAROS plank burns 30% more calories and doubles the muscle activity when compared with the stable kneeling plank. The ICAROS exercises are ideal for core stability, functionality and reactivity. Playing games and flying through imaginative worlds can make a 30 minute workout feel like 5 minutes and you will probably have to tell your clients to workout less to ensure they recover properly VR Headset, Table, Monitor, Smartphone – You Choose ICAROS games and experiences can be played either through a VR HEADSET (stand alone – PICO G2 VR 4K, or wired to a computer – HTC VivePro / Oculus Rift S / Oculus Quest 1 / Oculus Quest 2 / Valve Index VR), TABLET/SMARTPHONE (with optional tablet holder) or MONITOR (with optional Monitor Mount). For fully supervised environments the VR experience is the ultimate experience. If your establishment is not supervised then your clients can still get fabulous ICAROS adventures. Download the ICAROS app to a tablet or monitor and your clients can fly and dive through sky’s and oceans as well as fly on the back of dragons and play shoot em up games. The Ultimate ICAROS Pro Set Up If you want the very best VR experiences then a you need a VR headset wired to a gaming computer. Compatible wired systems are: HTC VivePro / Oculus Rift S / Oculus Quest 1 / Oculus Quest 2 / Valve Index VR. Please note that although the Quest 1 & 2 are also stand alone VR headsets they must be wired to accept the ICAROS games. Wired devices can play all ICAROS games. ICAROS Multiplayer – the ultimate challenge. Multi player mode takes ACTIVE VR to the next level. Install a flight deck by linking two ICAROS machines via WIFI to explore virtual worlds together, compete in races or cooperate in battles. The split screen allows spectators to participate in the adventures of two pilots and makes waiting in line fun. Get a wing man and prepare to lift off! ICAROS World Championships So you think you can handle the ICAROS Home. You’ve trained on it and you think you are pretty good, then prove it. Every year ICAROS hold the World Championship in Germany. Pilots from all over the world gather to win cash prizes, trophy’s and of course leave with the title. First you have to qualify by making your way into the top 10 ranking of the ICAROS multiplayer leaderboard, of any ICARACE track. You can then compete with the best, flying through the challenging VR world of ICARACE, one of the toughest games in the ICAROS portfolio. Got what it takes! Then what are you waiting for. Please note: You will be flying the ICAROS Pro in the competition. Features Console Programmes Specifications Warranty FEATURES Designed for gyms, therapy centres and hotels No power source required Small footprint, low maintenance Semi circle slider acts like a gyroscope and has an adjustable resistance mechanism Easily adjustable foot and arm rests to accommodate all size users ICAROS experiences are released for Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift S, HTC VivePro & Valve Index VR. All these headsets require a cable link to a suitable PC. Oculus 1 & 2 can only play the games linked to a PC, however future compatibility with these headsets cannot be guaranteed Optional Tablet Holder allows for the use of Tablets and Smartphones connected to the ICAROS app providing a multitude of games and experiences ICAROS Controller User manual Recommended minimum age 14 years User size 140cm – 200cm (4ft 6″ – 6ft 6″) User weight 17.5 stone (110kg) Size-Footprint of unit L x 176cm W x 98cm H x 133cm (69.3″ x 38.5″ x 52.3″) Ideal installation space 1.5m x 2.5m (4ft 9″ x 8ft 2″) Product weight 120kg CONSOLE No console. Games played through VR headsets or Tablet, Smartphones, or Monitors when using the ICAROS App PROGRAMMES Programmes come in the guise of ICAROS games pre loaded direct to the headset or through a cable link to a PC VR Games available: Dragon Game Deep Aim Flight Gravity Core Engadin Berchtesgaden Icarace ICAROS App A whole range of games and experience s are available via the App. ICAROS Tablet holder required SPECIFICATION Steel construction White powder coated finish Gyroscopic central slider User size 140cm -200cm (4ft 6″ – 6ft 6″) Recommended age of user 14 years User weight 17.5 stone (110kg) Size-Footprint of unit L x 176cm W x 98cm H x 133cm (69.3″ x 38.5″ x 52.3″) Ideal installation space 1.5m x 2.5m (4ft 9″ x 8ft 2″) Product weight 120kg WARRANTY Contact us Free Delivery Options Two Man delivery on this product – due to heavy weight (we will call you to arrange a suitable date) Installation Service Installation service available – click for details Confused by all the options? 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