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NEW ICAROS HEALTH Rehabilitation Beyond Boundaries DESCRIPTION The ICAROS Health provides a new dimension in therapy. The ICAROS Heath is designed specifically for the health sector and is a Class 1 Medical Device for use in hospitals, prominent clinics, physio departments, rehabilitation centres and stroke units. Its intended purpose is for core and balance training for orthopaedic patients suffering from unspecific back pain and stroke patients especially from phase C onwards for active mobilisation, improvement of postural control (body posture), reduction of the risk of falls and improvement of sensory function and motor skills. With the ICAROS Health you can effectively, measurably and maximally motivate training in Ortho and Neurotherapy. What makes the ICAROS Health unique is that it combines effective training with virtual reality experiences. It will increase treatment success in orthopaedic and neuro rehabilitation. Patients will be motivated as they experience impressive flights through virtual worlds and photorealistic landscapes wearing VR goggles. Or alternatively download the ICAROS App and they can choose from hundreds of games viewing them on a tablet screen or Smartphone attached to the ICAROS Health by the adjustable tablet holder. N.E.X.T. (Neuro-Experience-Training) THE INTELLIGENT TRAINING SOFTWARE As part of the ICAROS Health Package you get the N.E.X.T VR Training Software. The N.E.X.T. software has been developed in cooperation with therapist and patients. Neurorehabilitation is achieved through gaming, virtual reality and core training. The unique combination promises great success in supporting neuroplasticity and thus neural rewiring to remobilise paralysed areas of the body. At the same time, targeted core training promotes the patients ability to compensate for incorrect body posture and increase physical performance. The basic requirements for recovery. In addition the software provides an individual recovery journey for each user which is achieved through self-learning algorithms that create individual tasks based on the patients progress. WHAT PATIENTS HAVE TO SAY Katja – Stroke Patient. “As soon as I train with the ICAROS Health, I’m in a different world. I see and feel that I am floating and forget the effort of the movements. This allows me to train my body in a completely different way than with conventional therapy. I still notice the activation of the muscle groups “on the weak side” days later.” Walter – Stroke Patient “Paralyzed on one side after my stroke 8 years ago, I flew down the Swiss mountains with ease like a bird, a moment I will never forget, a moment of freedom after so many years of limitations.” Sandra – Stroke Patient “I’ve been training regularly with ICAROS for six months now. After just a few weeks I’ve noticed an improvement in my balance and my walking speed has increased significantly. The fun I have with ICAROS training motivates me to give my best every time.” WHAT THE EXPERTS HAVE TO SAY Phil Heaton Ph.D. – Orthopaedic Surgeon and Athlete, Fitzwilliam and Boston West Hospital, UK “The ICAROS is an excellent innovation. Everyone using the device will confirm it’s fun, muscular core and shoulder strength enhancing. There is absolutely no other total body coordination optimizing equipment like the ICAROS.” Dr Ewald Hoschele – Chief Doctor of Orthopedics at the Rehabilitation Centre, Dobel, Germany “It is a pleasure for me to work with such competent and visionary pioneers and to have your product with us. A fantastic device that fits perfectly into our innovative therapy concept.” Christian Schreiner – Practitioner in Neurointegrative Osteopathy, Aesculapi Physiotherapy and Med Training Centre, Ainring, Germany “As an osteopath, it is important to me to be able to offer my patients a truly holistic treatment concept. The combination of osteopathy with the training and therapy possibilities of ICAROS Health and Guardian excites my patients and helps both them and me create a successful treatment process. It is not crucial whether it concerns problems in the area of the spine, the consequences of a stroke or a traumatic brain injury, or simply the improvement of stability, coordination, responsiveness, and balance. The use of ICAROS systems in my practice simply makes sense for various diagnoses and adds significant value.” LATEST INSTALLATIONS VAMED Kipfenberg – Germany Neurological Rehab Hospital SHA WELLNESS CLINIC – Spain Voted the worlds best Wellness Clinic of 2022 ADELI Medical Centre – Slovakia Known worldwide for specialising in the treatment of patients with neurological deficits and damage to the central nervous system. Features Console Programmes Specifications Warranty FEATURES Upward compatible, modular system Re-chargeable VR controller with 6 hours battery life Patented technology Adjustable tilt and roll axis Angled limits: 0-10 degrees + 10 degrees Tilt locking function Positioning guides Waist belt and chest support Adjustable arm rests in two directions – back and forth and side to side Adjustable roll and tilt damping Adjustable tablet and Smartphone holder for training with the ICAROS App Safe and effective core and balance training Therapy focused hardware and software VR games included, AIM, DEEP, FLIGHT and CORE ICAROS VR experiences are compatible with the VR headsets HTC Vive, Valve Index and Oculus Quest (but only if linked to a PC) or the Pico G2 stand alone headset (no PC required) Not all games available for Pico G2. Minimum user age 14 years User height 140cm – 200cm (4ft 6″ – 6ft 6″) Maximum user weight 17.5 stone (110kg) Size-Footprint of unit L x 176cm W x 98cm H x 133cm (69.3″ x 38.5″ x 52.3″) Ideal installation space 1.5m x 2.5m (4ft 9″ x 8ft 2″) Product weight 125kg CONSOLE No console. Games played through VR headsets or Tablet, Smartphones, or Monitors when using the ICAROS App PROGRAMMES Programmes come in the guise of ICAROS games pre loaded direct to the headset or through a cable link to a PC VR Games and software available: N.E.X.T. Dragon Game Deep Aim Flight Gravity Core Engadin Berchtesgaden Dolomites Icarace ICAROS App Over 150 games and experiences are available via the App. SPECIFICATION Steel construction White powder coated finish Gyroscopic central slider User size 140cm -200cm (4ft 6″ – 6ft 6″) Recommended age of user 14 years upwards User weight 17.5 stone (110kg) Size-Footprint of unit L x 176cm W x 98cm H x 133cm (69.3″ x 38.5″ x 52.3″) Ideal installation space 1.5m x 2.5m (4ft 9″ x 8ft 2″) Product weight 120kg WARRANTY Contact us Free Delivery Options Two Man delivery on this product – due to heavy weight (we will call you to arrange a suitable date) Installation Service Installation service available – click for details Confused by all the options? Call the store FREE on 0800 4580 081

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