Marcy Start ME709 Recumbent Magnetic Exercise Bike

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Featured in Women’s Health!
Build your strength, stamina, and confidence with the Marcy Start ME709 Recumbent Magnetic Exercise Bike. If you suffer from back pain or knee pain or are in recovery from an operation or illness, this is the perfect exercise bike for you. Its thick back pad, comfortable seat, and horizontal position alleviates pressure and ensures comfort whilst allowing you to get your blood pumping and enjoy a full-body workout.
The Marcy Start Bike is battery powered so that you can work out anytime, anywhere. It’s easy to set the seat length to suit your body, and then you can sit and cycle instantly!
Thoughtfully designed with comfort and convenience in mind, the Marcy ME709 can fit almost anyone. The thickness of the steel frame can withstand up to 110 kg/17 stone, and the user has complete control over workout intensity, with 8 difficulties to suit your differing goals.
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