Marcy SM-7553 Pro Deluxe Smith Cage Home Gym System

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The SM-7553 Smith Cage System is an exceptional combination of multiple equipment all-in-one, very rugged, and with the widest variety ever brought together in a single piece of Marcy weight training equipment. The SM-7553 offers an incredible number of features suitable for both beginners and advanced users. Features include the Smith barbell, pulley crossovers, and a vertical leg press. In addition, the multi-position pull-up bar and the removable dip bars allow for bodyweight workouts, without the need for a separate Power Tower.
A landmine is also included for even greater exercise variation, the attachment is compatible with both standard and Olympic bars. To add even more resistance to your workouts, you can also use resistance bands, and hook them on either side between your barbell and the anchor points on either side at the bottom of the cage. Practice at your own pace, without anyone’s help, in complete safety, using the Smith bar catchers. Or, if you have an Olympic barbell, use the bar holders at the front of the cage as well as the extra-long bar safety brackets allowing you to drop the bar without any worries.
The included Adjustable Weight Bench features a sawtooth adjustment for the backrest so you can quickly and safely transition from reclined, to flat, or to a declining position backwards. To add versatility, the seat also has 4 different adjustment angles. The bench has transport wheels to move it easily and effortlessly, if necessary. Finally, the bicep curl cushion and leg curl are detachable to give you more freedom of movement.
Included accessories:
Adjustable handles – Adjustable handles are included for the pulleys to complete exercises such as cable crossovers.
Bar – Easily do Lat. pull-downs using the Lat. bar and upper pulleys.
Short Bar – The short bar is perfect for completing seated rows with the lower pulley.
Long Bar – The long bar can be used to complete Lat. pull-downs and more.
V-Handle – Use the V-handle for seated rows, Lat. pull-downs, and much more.
V-Bar – The V-Bar is perfect for triceps pushdowns.
Triceps Rope – Use the Triceps Rope for Face Bulls, Triceps push downs, and more.
Ankle Strap – Use the Ankle Strap with the pulley for Cable Inner thigh pulls, Cable Hip Abductions, and more.
Leg Anchor – Use the leg anchor to secure your legs while doing sit-ups/crunches.
Bar Pad – The included bar pad provides comfort and support during squats.
Leg Press – Once regulated to membership gyms only, the leg press attachment allows the user to utilise the Smith bar for a leg press workout.
With all these accessories and features, the Marcy Pro Home Gym SM-7553 also includes some much-needed storage space. The back of the unit has a weight plate holder that is adjustable to your needs. Also, at the back of the unit, you can find two Olympic Barbell holders to store your bars vertically. Given all the accessories, the SM-7553 provides 5 accessory storage hooks to store your triceps rope, V-Handle, etc.