Marcy NS-652 Folding Upright X-Frame Exercise Bike

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If you want a solid, smooth exercise bike that takes up minimal space, the Marcy NS-652 Folding Upright X-Frame Exercise Bike is a winner.
This Marcy exercise bike offers the same features as cardio bikes found in a typical gym. Don’t be fooled by its compact design; the standard 14-gauge thick steel is complete with a durable gloss finish, so it’s strong, sleek and feels great to pedal on.
An exercise bike is a great way to enjoy a low impact workout that gets the heart pumping quickly. This X-frame bike has been designed with simplicity in mind. All features are easy to use, from the console, to the seat, to adjusting the resistance levels, to folding and unfolding it.
The Marcy NS-652 includes a computer monitor that displays speed, distance, time and calories burned, so you can start setting those daily goals. The battery powered nature of the bike also lets you store and use it wherever you please.
Once you’re done with your daily cardio workout, just fold the bike up and store it away in your home gym

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