Marcy MWM-4965 Home Gym with 68 kg Weight Stack

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The Marcy MWM-4965 Home Multi Gym with 68 kg Weight Stack is the perfect starter home gym. It comes complete with a Lat bar, multi-grip press arms, pec dec and chest press combination. You’ll also find an abdominal crunch station, high and low pulley systems with footplate, 2000 lb twinned cables, sealed bearing, and a 68 kg vinyl-coated weight stack that generates up to 90 kg resistance strength.
This all-rounder multi gym targets every muscle group for a full-body workout effectively. Packed with a vast range of features, you can rapidly switch between different exercises for a more balanced workout. In addition, the 2000 lb twinned cables run smoothly through the sealed bearing pulley system for a smooth, gliding motion for effective muscle development and an overall pleasurable experience.
The 68 kg weight stack is vinyl coated for durability and comes complete with a selector pin and safety lock. The selector pin allows you to adjust the weight resistance of your workout to increase the weight resistance and monitor your performance gradually. The Safety lock is a combination lock you set to stop unauthorised usage.
The exercise guide chart built into the weight shroud behind the bench makes the Marcy MWM-4965 Home Multi Gym with 68 kg Weight Stack great for any starter. It provides you with basic exercise movements, allowing you to become familiar with the multi-gym, and when you feel comfortable, begin experimenting with different exercises.
Marcy engineered the MWM-4965 framework from 14-inch gauge steel that provides superior structural support and a powder-coated finish to offer extra protection and resistance against scratches and chipping. In addition, it will maintain the silver steel colour for longer and increase the home gym’s durability and robustness.
The bench is developed from high-quality density foam, offering comfort and support while using leg developer, chest press and pec dec combination. The bench is built into the lower framework of the Marcy MWM-4965 Home Multi Gym with a 68 kg Weight Stack to offer saving space whilst providing convenience in the comfort of your own home.
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