Marcy JD3.1 Hyper Extension Bench

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The Marcy JD3.1 hyperextension bench should not be overlooked or understated!
It may not be the first piece of gym equipment you had in mind when setting up a home gym, but the JD3.1 can be your key to consistent, healthy, injury-free weight training.
It’s used purely for lower back strengthening, the most injury-prone body part. Strengthening your lower back through hyperextensions while also targeting the glutes and hamstring muscles can help improve your overall strength in everything; it lays down strong foundations to build the rest of your body.
Whether you’d like to strengthen your core, ease back pain, improve your posture, or build your six-pack abs, the Marcy JD3.1 will bring you a safe and solid way to work on your fitness goals right in the comfort of home. Sit and lean backwards to develop your core or flip over to perform back workouts with targeted motions.
Its sleek and compact design allows you to tuck it into a small space when it’s not in use.

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