Marcy JD2.1 Flat Weight Bench

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A Flat Bench is an essential component to any self-respecting home gym!
Rated to 270 kg (600 lb), the robust and durable Marcy JD2.1 Flat Bench will become the bedrock of your home training. It is 109 cm (43 “) long and has the flexibility to be suitable for various training routines and can be used for Home Fitness routines such as strength training exercises with a Power Rack or a Power Cage, free weights and crunches. You choose how to get the most out of it.
Here are just a few exercises you can do using your own weight and the Bench only for a full body toning:
Chest: Bench dips
Triceps: triceps press
Back: hyperextensions
Abs: decline reverse crunches, upper ab crunches
Legs: Bulgarian split squats, bench jumps, step-ups
The combination of Marcy’s 14-gauge thick steel frame, and 2.5” inch thick padding guarantees a well-supported, comfortable and rock-solid feel with every single workout. It takes minimal space to grant more room for your other equipment. Aesthetically, it can be placed anywhere at home, whether in a bedroom or the garage.

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