Marcy JD1.2 Abdominal Slant Bench

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Carve a concrete core with the Marcy JD1.2 Abdominal Slant Bench!
A robust core is the foundation of a strong body, supporting all other lifts and limiting the risk of injury.
Slanted at a 20°-degree angle, the JD1.2 challenges your upper, lower, and side abdominals for complete core development. Secure your feet with 3 ankle rollers heights, perfectly aligning you with the long bench’s board for healthy, safe training.
Exercise Capabilities :
Decline ab crunches
Decline oblique crunches
Reverse crunches
Dragon flag
Knee tucks
14-gauge thick steel makes the JD1.2 mighty, the 21-stone capacity is testament. High-density soft foam rollers, and 2.5-inch-thick padding ensure your comfort; so, you focus on attacking your abs.

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