Marcy Eclipse UB3000 Foldable Deluxe Weight Bench

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The Marcy Eclipse UB3000 Foldable Deluxe Utility Bench has a compact, easy-storage design that makes it easy to use and maintain!
The Marcy Eclipse UB3000 Foldable Deluxe Utility Bench strikes you as your average conventional utility bench at first glance; however, not all is as it seems. The UB3000 has the bonus of a fold-up mechanism, so it doesn’t have to take up half your room when it’s not in use. The beauty of this design is that it doesn’t compromise the build quality or durability of the bench, which is a recurring issue with folding techniques; the UB3000 can still comfortably hold users ranging up to 21 stone.
As expected, the Marcy Eclipse UB3000 Foldable Deluxe Utility Bench covers the full range of backrest angle adjustments. They are easy to change by placing the back support stem into the multiple hooks for flat, decline, incline, and military angles. In addition, it converts into a full abdominal bench so that you can exercise upper and lower abdominal muscle groups. Finally, the 2 stability handles, cleverly located on each side of the front upper rollers, are there to help you with any exercise that requests a little more stability.
The unit’s frame is made from sturdy powder-coated steel and features boxed soft vinyl upholstered with high-density foam padding that ensures good solid lumbar support. In addition, four comfortable thigh and ankle foam roller pads provide a comfortable brace for greater stability to help isolate your upper body muscles so that you can sculpt your physique more efficiently.
You will burn calories and lose weight, tone, define and increase strength and stamina. The Marcy Eclipse UB3000 Foldable Deluxe Utility Bench is a great all-rounder for free weight workouts on a bench you can feel safe to train.

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