Marcy Eclipse BE5000 Olympic Weight Bench with Rack

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The Marcy Eclipse BE5000 Olympic Weight Bench is notable for its Extra Wide Rack that can pile on weight loads up to 135 kg / 300 lb for some heavy Bench Pressing!
This Bench is perfect for anyone looking to work out every major muscle group with a single Bench, and to tone and define their physique while burning calories to lose weight:
A DUAL REINFORCED BACKREST adjustment system distributes the weight better by using two support beams and a chunky spring-loaded lock pin for Quick & Secure Angle adjustments.
The RACK SUPPORTS are made of 5 cm x 5 cm steel along with the rest of the weight bench to give it a stable, trustworthy feel.
Two height-adjustable uprights allow the Rack to be ACCURATELY ALIGNED with the different 3 ANGLES OF THE BACKREST.
Complementary with the bench is a height-adjustable ARM CURL PAD that’s excellent for training the peak of your Biceps and a Dual-function LEG DEVELOPER attachment that can effectively target your Quadriceps & Hamstrings & Glute muscle groups, by either curling your legs up toward you or back away from you.
The Marcy BE5000 Olympic Bench is built with a durable 14-gauge heavy-duty steel square tube frame with a black powder-coated finish, boxed side construction upholstery with high-density foam, and contoured foam roller ankle pads.
For a ROBUST BENCH-RACK COMBINATION, the BE5000 is a worthy contender!

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