Marcy Deluxe SB-670 Utility Bench

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The Marcy Deluxe SB-670 Utility Bench is an adjustable bench perfect for building a range of muscles, including the abs, chest and shoulders to name a few. This bench is an excellent addition to any home workout routine.
It is made from exceptional quality materials with a steel powder coated frame and black and white fabric with the well trusted Marcy logo clearly visible in red.
The back pad is adjustable to 6 different positions at varying angles to assist with the array of exercises that can be performed whilst using the bench. The seat also tilts into three different positions to suit any user.
Along with the Marcy Deluxe SB-670 Utility Bench being adjustable it can also be attached to other squat racks, half cages and Smith Machines ensuring that you can make the most of the bench as well as your workout.

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