Marcy Club MKM-1101 Home Multi Gym with 54 kg Stack

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Start building your body without breaking the bank. The Marcy MKM-1101 Multi Gym boasts the necessary fundamentals to develop every major muscle group safely and effectively. The compact design features a dual function Chest Press and independent Pec Dec by inserting or removing a pin on top of each arm.
This is the perfect Home Gym not only for starters but also for intermediate lifters; 54 kg of solid weight is doubled with a 2:1 resistance ratio, guaranteeing ample weight for developing strength without limitations. This means that the Chest Press feels like 114 kg when you use all the weight. For Lat pulldown and leg curls, you’ll also find this extra resistance vital as larger muscle groups require heavier weight to grow.
Hone in on the smaller muscles using the high/low pulleys. Combine the attachments and pulleys to broaden your exercise range; the workout possibilities are endless. Expect the gym to glide smoothly thanks to sealed bearing pulleys and reliable, long-lasting 2000 lb aircraft cables.