Marcy Azure RB1016 Recumbent Exercise Bike

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The Azure recumbent bike from Marcy delivers a comfortable cardio workout unlike any other.
The Azure RB1016 Recumbent Exercise Bike features a large, comfortable seat and back pad for ultimate comfort. With its ergonomic handles at your side, you can ride for long distances without putting strain on your back. You could also use the front handles for a harder-hitting ride. This Marcy magnetic recumbent bike adjusts to make your ride as comfortable as possible. Easily move the seat to reach your ideal stride.
And don’t let all that hard work go to waste; utilize the built-in LCD screen to note calories, speed, and more. If you prefer monitoring your workout based on heart rate, the built-in pulse monitors record your heartbeat rate in beats per minute.
The threefold benefits of Azure come down to uncompromising build quality, ease of use and entertainment. Build quality for the recumbent stems from a belt-driven 4 kg magnetic flywheel, 1.5” padding with back support, and thick 14-gauge steel for a silent, smooth, solid feel. Ease of use emanates from the two-touch-to-start battery powered console, step-through frame and versatile seat adjustments. Lastly, entertainment: remedy your motivation with the tablet/smartphone stand. Prop any device on the bike and breeze through your workout!

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