Life Fitness G7 Adjustable Pulley Gym with Bench – Ex Demo Model

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LIFE FITNESS G7 WITH BENCH – Ex Demo Model. Free Delivery & Installation Local Areas. Please phone for clarification. Perform functional training that improves your core and everyday movements with the Life Fitness G7 Cable Motion Pulley Gym with Bench. Virtually unlimited number of exercises can be performed either with the bench (included), standing, a balance-ball or training partner. Every part of the Life Fitness G7 was designed specifically for your home. Its looks great, fits nicely in a corner and stores your water bottle and towel (water bottle and towel shown are not included). The integrated Exercise Book displays over 60 different exercises and allows you to record your progress. The flat/incline bench is ruggedly built, places you in the correct position within the frame of the machine without having to keep moving the bench and stands upright within the frame for storage. Features Specification Sample Exercise Options Features Dual weight stacks allow you to exercise one side of the body at a time or both sides at the same time 20 ultra-smooth pulley adjustments per column enable users to perform a virtually endless variety of exercises Quick Connect cable end attachments make switching out attachments quick and easy Chin-up/pull-up bars are correctly angled for biomechanically-correct upper-body and core exercises Mounted Exercise Book shows you how to perform over 60 exercises, allows you to build your own workouts and track your progress Space-efficient design fits nicely in a corner Included accessories: 2 x 160-lb. (73 kg) weight stacks, 1 pair of medium handles, triangle strap, thigh strap, straight bar, exercise ball, exercise book, weight stack shrouds, (water bottle and towel shown are not included) Specifications 73kg (160lb) Dual Weight Stacks Size L x 174.5cm W x 178cm H x 210cm (with bench) Sample Exercise Options G7 Exclusive Assisted pullup Assisted pushup Hanging leg raise Forward walking lunge Lateral walking lunge Body weight pull up Functional Golf swing Tennis swing Lift with rotation Baseball swing External rotation Chest Chest press Decline chest press Converging incline chest press Close-grip chest press Extended-arm pec fly Unsupported chest press Shoulder and Back Lat pulldown Seated row Internal rotation Front raise Shoulder press Low row Lateral raise Rear deltoid One-arm fly One-arm cable row Biceps Incline biceps curl Standing biceps curl Seated biceps curl Reverse biceps curl Triceps Triceps extension One-arm triceps extension Overhead triceps extension Seated triceps extension Triceps kickback Abdominal Abdominal crunch-high pulley Seated abdominal crunch Kneeling abdominal crunch Oblique twist Lower Body Standing leg extension Standing leg curl Hip abduction Hip adduction Calf raise Lunge Squat Free Delivery Options Two Man delivery on this product – due to heavy weight (we will call you to arrange a suitable date). Delivery cost is dependent on location and proximity to the showroom. Installation Service Installation service available – click for details Confused by all the options? Call the store FREE on 0800 4580 081 and our knowledgeable team can help

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