Ironman 20kg Standard Dumbbell And Barbell Set

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The This innovative 20kg dumbbell and barbell set from Ironman is an ideal complement to anyone’s home gym. This incredible value standard dumbbell and barbell set includes two handles, four 0.5kg plates, four 1.25kg plates, four 2.5kg plates, 4 collars, and an extended bar that allows you to convert them to a standard straight bar. A 1m Foam covered connecting bar allows you to change the dumbbells into a barbell which gives you more functions to build up muscle. 2 shake proof collars are provided for each bar to keep the weight secure during your workouts. The bars have ergonomic textured plastic covered the steel bars to make your hands feel more comfortable and secure while you’re pumping iron. The heavy-duty bars and the connecting tube all weight 1kg each and make up part of the weight for the set.

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