Ironman 205kg Olympic Tri-grip Hammertone Weight Set with 86″ Olympic Weight Bar

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These are the massive weight plates and barbell you see on the TV when you’re watching the professional weightlifters lift those awesome weights, those very large weights are Olympic sized weights and that’s exactly what your buying here the big Olympic weight plates and Olympic sized barbell to go with it, you get the following weight plates in the set; two of each 25kg, 20kg, 15kg and 10kg weight plates six 5kg and four 2.5kg and 1.25kg weight plates. That is 22 Olympic size weight plates totalling an incredible 185kg to go on the 86-inch long 20kg Olympic sized barbell which is included and makes up part of the weight in the set. You can mix and match the weight plates on the bar putting any number of plates on the bar up to the maximum number of weights in the. Of course, if that’s not enough weight for you we also have additional sets of weight plates in our store, which you can purchase at the same time or at a later date should you get so strong you require more weights. The 86

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