Marcy MKM-81010 Home Multi Gym

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The Marcy MKM-81010 Home Multi Gym has the flexibility to appeal to both starters and experienced trainers alike; it’s the perfect equipment for those who prefer working out at home. The huge 90 kg (200lb) solid vinyl weights generate up to 134 kg of resistance thanks to its pulley system, so you can start light and progressively develop your strength. This Home Gym is built with a durable 14-gauge steel tube frame, so go straight into the heavier weights if you’re up for the challenge.
This Marcy gym has some fantastic little extra features, remove the arm curl pad, sit the other way around and quickly convert the chest press into a seated row with one pin for effective back training. The height adjustable preacher pad aligns your arms perfectly for bicep development, and a striker plated foot plate on the low pulley system keeps you firmly grounded for seated rows.
The Impressive MKM-81010 includes a Leg Developer, a Shiver bar, an EZ & Latissimus bar, an ankle strap, and a D-shape handle. A brilliant all-rounder for extensively targeting all your major muscles, making your options for your personalized workout virtually limitless.

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