Davina Cast Iron Kettlebells – Multiple Weights & Colours Available (Product Weight: 10 kg)

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Are you ready to Own Your Goals? These cool and colourful Davina cast iron kettlebells will help you get there.
Carefully selected in bright pastel colours to correlate with the dumbbell weights, these kettlebells also coordinate perfectly with Davina’s exercise equipment range. They are available in multiple weights and colours:Blue 8kg or Yellow 10kg.
The cast iron kettlebells are dipped into a neoprene material to maintain the kettlebell’s light attribute, provide a high-quality finish and protect your floor against scratches.
These neoprene kettlebells have a non-slip resistance barrier, so when your palms begin to sweat, the weights won’t slip out of your hands. They are soft to touch and offer a comfortable, natural feel in your hands, providing maximum comfort and limiting callous development.
Our bright and stylish Neoprene Kettlebells from Davina are great to be used for your whole kettlebell workout, or as a warmup for your muscles before lifting heavier weights.

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