Circuit Fitness AMZ-955BK Deluxe Club Revolution Cycle

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With the Circuit Fitness AMZ-955BK Deluxe Club Revolution Cycle in your Home Gym, you’ll forget expensive gym membership fees, and you’ll never miss a workout again!
Circuit Fitness has designed the AMZ-955BK Deluxe Club Revolution Cycle for intense Indoor Cycle cardio training, weight loss and intervals training to build stamina. The framework of this robust trainer is close to the structure of a light-commercial grade bike, but it is considerably more affordable. In addition, it features a heavy inertia-enhanced flywheel, an easy-to-use friction resistance system, and multiple adjustments option, making the AMZ-955BK an excellent choice for users of all levels and sizes, and doesn’t require much maintenance.
– The framework of the Circuit Fitness AMZ-955BK Deluxe Club Revolution Cycle combines design and performance. Designed with a Premium sturdy frame made of rectangular steel tubing and a powder-coated construction resistant to corrosion, it ensures maximum durability. It makes it an ideal investment for your home gym. Other Bike parts have an improved aesthetic layout, with chrome-plated seat and handlebar posts and cylindrical base bars equipped with adjustable metallic stabilizers underneath, which can perfectly level the unit on any floor. Plus, small transport rollers have been added under the front base to ease the Bike’s relocation. This Circuit Fitness Deluxe Cycle isn’t extremely large, so that it can fit in any room. Once it’s fully assembled, it weighs 45 kg, which is quite considerable compared to a road bike, but this weight is necessary to provide stability. With its improved low centre of gravity, you can be sure that the Bike won’t sway even if you engage in a more intense spin workout.
– The Drive system includes a chain-driven tension and an 18 kg chrome-plated flywheel providing durability and functionality. The most crucial element here is the flywheel featuring a perimeter-weighted design, delivering high inertia and a consistent pedalling feel. Its weight is adequate for indoor cycle workouts to provide the best cardio workout possible. At the same time, the chain drive system allows for quiet and efficient training, sealed by two covers made of durable ABS material for maximum safety. Since Circuit Fitness engineered the AMZ-955BK for intense Indoor Cycle, it features solid steel crank arms and metallic pedals, which can withstand a user weighing 136 kg. In addition, the adjustable pedals’ toe cages secure the user’s feet without losing their footing.
– The resistance system of the Circuit Fitness AMZ-955BK Deluxe Club Revolution Cycle features a standard friction resistance system with manual action. It means it does not require an external power source, nor it does have an internal motor, so you can use it anywhere you want, even in the middle of the room, without having cable hazard on the ground. Its resistance system consists of a brake felt pad. Easy to use, the tension dial allows you to increase or decrease the resistance of your workout and can also act as an emergency brake. In addition, it comes with a “Press to Stop” function so that you can quickly pause your workout by depressing the knob. It may be necessary, especially if you’ve been pedalling at high speed, as the pedal will continue to rotate for as long as the flywheel is spinning.
– Both the Seat and the Handlebars have an ergonomic design and can easily be adjusted to accommodate users between 152 cm and 196 cm tall (5’0″ – 6’5″) in less than a minute. They have large knobs easy to grip and pull. Therefore, you can adjust the Handlebars vertically and the Saddle vertically and horizontally, which is convenient if multiple persons use the Bike to accommodate various heights and lengths to have a proper body posture during exercise. The bikes currently available in the market includes a very slim Seat without too much cushioning because most Indoor Cycle workouts require standing up on the pedals during long parts of the exercise. Nonetheless, the Saddle included with the AMZ-955BK integrates a thick layer of cushioning, allowing users to work out comfortably for a more extended period and has two large springs at the rear, which will enable it to slightly adapt with your pedalling motion. It also has a central cut-out which improves its overall breathability. The included Handlebar offers vertical adjustment and features a multi-grip design, with two long Aero Bars in the middle, while the side grips are curved inward close to the top so that you can work out for longer. The whole Handlebar assembly is completely rubberized to provide a more secure grip and optimal comfort.
– The AMZ-955BK also includes Accesso

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