Circuit Fitness AMZ-600CG Power Cage

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Want to see a video of the AMZ-600CG in action? Please watch the AMZ-600CGKIT cage.
Never miss a workout again with the Circuit Fitness AMZ-600CG Power Cage. Forget expensive gym membership fees and engage in fat-burning training and develop a bulkier physique. You are investing in this high-performing equipment comprising a walk-in Power Cage, turning any space in your home into a professional gym.
The Circuit Fitness Circuit Fitness AMZ-600CG Power Cage has a 14-gauge steel framework that can withstand repeated heavy use. A durable steelwork designed for safe and more efficient bodybuilding, it’s also designed with a powder-coating finish that reduces the chance of chipping and rusting, making it a valuable investment built to last! The cage can support a user or a loaded 7-ft barbell weighing 136 kg in any of its workout’s stations. The Circuit Fitness Circuit Fitness AMZ-600CG Power Cage brings a wide variety of gym exercises to your home gym. This kit will allow you to work your way to a healthier body and lifestyle. You can use them separately or in conjunction.
The walk-in Power Cage is a multifunctional fitness gear.
You can start with the Cross Bar near the bottom of the power cage, it’s part of the structure, but you can ideally use it for inclined push-ups to target your upper chest muscles. The multi-grip Pull-up Bar at the top of the cage will help you work out a wide variety of upper body muscles and the core muscles and the lower muscles in a lower proportion. It is furnished with knurled grips to ensure a thorough grip during your pullups and chin-ups at more than 7-ft above the ground. The exercises may seem similar but activate slightly different muscles than one another, developing both the chest and the back while building shoulder strength. There are more ways to use the bar; get a lower body and this 6-pack abdomen workout from your pullup bar by doing chin-ups knee raises. Once you’ve mastered the leg raise, you can always increase the intensity by safely adding weights to your ankles. The cage’s spacious open area is 114 cm wide and enables you to perform swift and significant movements, letting you enjoy maximised mobility as you exercise. Clear away anything in the cage, and you’ll have enough room for kipping pullups and kipping muscle-up. A kipping pullup is when you use a leg swing and hip snap to propel the body upward, helping you get your chin over the bar; decreasing drastically the force production required from the arms to get up to the bar. A kipping muscle-up begins with a tight kip, swinging the body back and forth via active shoulders; on the third swing, the shoulder is aggressively closed to bring the hands and hips toward each other while the hollow-body position is maintained. You don’t have to switch between workout stations; this gym system combines different strength-building machines, giving you everything you need for a full-body workout!
Use your cage for barbell exercises. The Safety Bars Catches and Barbell Catches can support a load of 136 kg and adjust to 19 different heights with increments of 8.25 cm/3.25 inches, between 33 cm above the ground to 182 cm high, suit all your barbell workout needs. The cage offers endless barbell workout options, depending on where you position the bar catches to start and end your barbell exercise; the 19-height positions are available along the uprights at the back and the front of the cage. The extended safety catches span the entire cage, connecting upright frames on each side. Adjust them to your desired height, always at a lower level than the barbell catches, to hold the barbell (sold separately) in case of emergency, acting as your spotter when your workout buddy isn’t available. That’s why the cage is perfect for squats or lunges, for example, within the protective space of the cage. You won’t have any excuse for skipping leg days, as squats and lunges add some muscle to your lower body. Use your cage as a Power Rack in general. Place the bar catches at the front of the unit when you are not inside the cage to complete curls, or focus on your shoulders with upright barbell rows, or for overhead raises, especially if you are a very tall person. Always position the safety bar catches in a lower position than the barbell catches, even when training outside the cage; the parts that stick out are more extended than the bar hooks and would grab the bar in case of unwanted miss when setting down the weight.
The Circuit Fitness AMZ-600CG Power Cage has several training stations and is the perfect pair to add to your favourite workout spot. Train like a pro, burn calories, lose weight, and build muscles right in the comfort of your home with the Circuit Fitness walk-in Power Cage. With this assortment of equipment, you can conveniently perform strength or cardio training or a weightlifting program and eff

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