Circuit Fitness AMZ-594U Magnetic Upright Bike

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Get the Circuit Fitness AMZ-594U Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike for your Home Gym, and you’ll never miss a workout again!
This revolutionary Bike lets you burn the extra calories and experience efficient cardio training in the comfort of your home without having to pay for gym memberships. The AMZ-594U’s computer comes with 15 pre-set programs: 1 Manual, 1 Recovery, 1 Body Fat, and 4 Beginner, 4 Advance and 4 sporty simulating the effects of biking on different terrains, which will bring variation to your workouts. The pulse sensors located on the handlebars works together with the computer. They use magnetic resistance to create an efficient cardio workout and helps you keep track of your heart rate so you can reach your calorie-shredding HIIT (high-intensity interval training) goals. In addition to displaying pulse, the Bike’s handy LCD also displays tracks time, current speed, distance travelled, and calories burned for easier progress monitoring. To customize your cardio training according to your skill level, easily adjust the resistance with the simple push on your screen.
You can also set a constant Watts workout to make your training or calories burning even more efficient; it measures the power you produce while pedalling. When you increase your speed, the machine adapts and decrease the resistance; likewise, if you slow down, your Circuit Fitness AMZ-594U Magnetic Upright Bike will keep you in your watt range by increasing the resistance. Athletes, such as cyclists and rowers, used watts workouts to evaluate the intensity of their workout to pace their efforts; it helps improve overall performance. If you decide training with watts (calories = watts x duration calculated in hours x 6), you will increase your stamina very quickly; as a reference, 50-100 watts for a beginner; 100-150 for an intermediate, 200 for an advance, and up to 400 for experts.
The AMZ-594U is an ideal addition to any home gym. Its engineered structure facilitates proper body form during movement, enabling your workout to take maximum effect on your specific target areas.
The Bike boasts an adjustable padded seat that can be moved up, down, forward, and backwards to accommodate each user’s leg length. The knob under the seat adjusts the seat forward and back, and the lower knob adjusts the seat’s height, so you’re comfortable while you work out. The Bike’s contoured handles allow comfortable gripping; the wing knob under the ergonomic handlebar will enable you to adjust your hands’ position to make your ideal bike riding posture. In addition, the Bike easily adjusts to conform to each user’s height for exact motion. Finally, to maximize comfort during workouts, the AMZ-594U’s textured pedals are equipped with safety loops that stabilize your feet, allowing you to hang on during long rides comfortably.
The Circuit Fitness AMZ-594U Magnetic Upright Bike also boasts a water bottle holder to have your favourite drink in arms reach. The console also comes with a media holder with a USB port to keep your phone or tablet in view and charging so that you can read or watch your favourite media during your long bike rides. The AMZ-594U combines design and performance, facilitating quick entry and exit from the Bike and can support a user weighing up to 135 kg (300 lbs). Manufactured from high-grade steel and plastic, the AMZ-594U features a durable, heavy-duty frame and a casing that effectively resists scratches and chips. For optimal performance, the Bike needs to be placed on a levelled surface, but don’t let an unbalanced floor be an excuse; quickly balance your Bike by turning the under-feet levellers to your desired height and minimize any wiggling that occurs during use. When not in use, easily move from one room to another the Circuit Fitness AMZ-594U Upright Bike by grabbing the handlebars handle, tilting the unit, and using the transport wheels at the front.
New to the fitness market but steeped in history, Circuit Fitness is here to bring you value for money home gym equipment. Designed and developed in California, USA, over the last five years, Circuit Fitness is the next level of cardio and strength equipment that you need, quality engineered using the latest technology. Designed for fitness enthusiasts of all skill levels, the AMZ-954U Upright Bike from Circuit Fitness comes with 15 modes of pre-set levels that simulate the effects of biking on different terrains. Select the desired program to personalize your training and achieve a fitter and healthier body.

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