Circuit Fitness AMZ-150BK Foldable Bike

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Get the AMZ-150BK Foldable Bike from Circuit Fitness for your Home Gym, and you’ll never miss a workout again!
Created with home Fitness in mind, the Circuit Fitness AMZ-150BK Foldable Bike is easy to use, letting you focus more on the training and less on the tedious equipment setup. It’s engineered with a space-saving frame that conveniently folds for storage in tiny rooms or small gyms, allowing you to score a fitter and a healthier body by training every day with the convenience of easy storage and durability.
The pulse sensors are located on the handlebars and produce a gym-like workout, so you can easily keep track of exactly how hard you are working out. Monitoring your heart rate zone allows you to maximize the efficiency of your workout, which is especially important for calorie-shredding HIIT (high-intensity interval training). The magnetic resistance system of the AMZ-150BK is auto-generated when pedalling, featuring 8 pre-set levels of resistance that simulate the effects of biking on different terrains, and 2 AAA batteries power the console’s computer; so, you can use the exercise Bike anywhere you want. The resistance can be adjusted through the tension knob, allowing you to control and customize your cardio training according to your skill level. And, when the workout isn’t intense enough, turn the resistance knob to take your activity to the next level. Or turn it down as needed. The pulse sensors work together with the computer, so the LCD monitor displays all those metrics if you prefer using time, distance, calories, or speed to measure progress. So, while you’re exercising and using the media rack to hold your favourite mobile device or book to be entertained, use the function Scan to see each one of these data periodically, every 6 seconds. You can make progress if you can track it.
For those extra-long rides, the AMZ-150BK Foldable Bike from Circuit Fitness has comfortable handles and a large adjustable cushioned seat to maximize comfort and accommodate users of different body sizes. In addition, this innovative machine is equipped with ergonomically designed pedals that securely grip your feet with their textured surface; they come with adjustable safety straps that give extra stability to your feet and prevent them from sliding or slipping. This gear will conform to each user’s body shape for comfortable cycling and exact motion. Its engineered structure facilitates proper body form during movement, enabling your workout to take maximum effect on specific target areas. Its high-grade construction features a premium steel frame that combines design and performance, and it’s reinforced with a powder finish to ensure durability. It effectively resists scratches and chips; in that this reliable equipment can withstand daily and heavy use indoors or under covered outdoor workout areas.
New to the fitness market but steeped in history, Circuit Fitness is here to bring you value for money home gym equipment. Designed and developed in California, USA, over the last five years, Circuit Fitness is the next level of cardio and strength equipment that you need, quality engineered using the latest technology. Designed for fitness enthusiasts of all skill levels, the AMZ-150BK will help burn extra calories right in the comfort of your home. Finally, when not in use, easily transport the Circuit Fitness compact Foldable Bike by grabbing the handlebars, tilting the unit, and using the transport wheels located at the front of the unit. Forget expensive gym membership fees with the Circuit Fitness AMZ-150BK Foldable Bike!

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