BodyTrain Power Tower

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The BodyTrain Power Tower is ideal for home fitness training and is perfect if you are looking for a simple but effective way of training your upper body and core. Power Towers are an ideal addition to home gyms as they offer a great way of doing controlled bodyweight exercises and are very cost-effective and versatile pieces of home gym equipment that do not take up much space. You can very effectively work all of the upper body, core and more with the BodyTrain Power Tower and due to the nature of the bodyweight exercises it allows you to perform it also works the stabilising muscles that can be neglected using dedicated gym equipment. The BodyTrain Power Tower and Weight Bench is made from strong steel which is painted with chip-resistant black paint, anti-slip feet ensure the tower remains stable and secure during use and also protect hard floors. The armrests have a comfortable thick padded high-density multi-layer foam cushion that is covered with a soft non-slip PVC leather that

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