BodyTrain HG470 – 3 Station Home Multi Gym with 66kg Weight Stack

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The BodyTrain 3 Station Home Multi Gym has been designed to be both eye-catching but also safe to use, it will provide you with everything you need to complete a full body workout. With 3 separate sections that include regular seated stations but also a dip/leg raise stand, curved sit-up bench and press up station. Utilizing an impressive 66kg shrouded weight stack many effective exercises can be performed. There are two 1.5Kg weights supplied that can be stored under the sit up bench as well as a Free tricep rope and leg wrap attachment for added workout variety. Butterfly/Shoulder Press – targets triceps and pecs Leg Curl/Thigh Extension – targets calves & thighs Curved Sit-Up bench – targets all major core muscles Arm Curl Pad – targets the biceps and triceps Dip Stand – targets – chest, shoulders and tricep muscles Lateral Pull Down – targets triceps, shoulders, pecs & obliques Upright row Station – targets the major back muscles Press Up Station – targets all major arm muscles as

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