BodyTrain GB-608B Magnetic Exercise Bike

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The BodyTrain GB-601B Magnetic Exercise Bike comes with a variety of adjustable features. The saddle can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally, the handlebars can be pivoted forwards & backwards and the pedals have adjustable foot straps. This means that you can obtain the most comfortable pedalling position for your own needs and adapted to suit different users. The tension is controlled using the adjustment knob on the front post. There are 8 levels to choose from so it is suitable for all levels of fitness. The bike has a large computer console that is simple to use, has a large LCD display giving constant data on your workout & can also be used as a phone or tablet holder. There are hand pulse sensors on the handlebars which provide a more accurate workout reading. You can scroll through several modes on the LCD screen to view your progress using the quick touch keys on the computer console. The computer is battery powered so there is no need to to be near a mains outlet whe

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