BH Fitness ICBS2 Studio Bike

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The BH Fitness ICBS2 Studio Bike has a modern and impressive design for high-intensity workouts at home.
You can adjust the position of the saddle and the “road design” handlebar vertically and horizontally up to 10 and 7 different heights, respectively, to modulate the distance from seat to pedal (between 75 cm to 98 cm) and find your most comfortable riding position. In addition, the pedals come with adjustable straps to give that extra stability securing your feet in place.
The LCD screen shows real-time metrics about the exercise you are doing, and it’s straightforward to control calories, distance, time, pulse and speed/RPM during your sessions. Although the bike doesn’t come with a Chest Belt for telemetric heart rate, it can be added if required (Analog 5 kHz).
The BH Fitness ICBS2 Studio Bike features a Rear Inertial System, delivering a powerful and natural riding experience.
The BH Fitness ICBS2 indoor bike is made for intensive use, up to 20 hours a week and comes with an impressive 20 kg Flywheel Disc located at the rear to avoid direct sweat falling onto the flywheel preventing its premature wear. In addition, an 8-position selector allows you to adjust the intensity level manually while you’re biking. And the Friction Braking System seeks to perfect the experience to the maximum, making it as realistic as possible. Designed for intense workouts, the BH Fitness ICBS2 allows High-Performance actual Sessions at home.
The BH Fitness ICBS2 Studio Bike is chainless and works with Poly-V belt transmission and a flywheel cover to protect from sweat and damage, maintaining your safety while training intensively. The bike weighs 47 kg, and it’s still easy to move around, pressing down the handlebars to tilt the bicycle and using the transport wheels located at the front.

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