BH Fitness EasyFlex G852 Folding Cross Trainer

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The BH Fitness EasyFlex G852 Folding Cross-Trainer design, allows for more convenient storage for a machine of its size.
Designed with a 20 kg inertial system, the G852 Cross-Trainer is ideal if you want to keep fit at home with moderate daily exercise.
– It comes with 12 pre-set training programs, including 4 Advance programs and 4 Sporty programs to keep challenging yourself. It’s also fit for you if you are starting your fitness journey, as the console also included 4 Beginners programs that will help you get fit from the comfort of your home.
– The EasyFlex is certified for users with a maximum weight of 130 kg, and its stride length of 45 cm (18 inches) is ideal for users taller than 170cm/5.5-ft. The front-wheel design of the BH EasyFlex G852 Folding Cross-Trainer reduces the distance between the pedals to 13 cm (5 inches). As a result, it provides a more natural and comfortable motion of your legs, helping you achieve longer or more intensive sessions. In addition, the magnetic inertial system equivalent to 20 kg is very smooth, and the console is straightforward and intuitive, so it’s perfect for the whole family to train and be able to get the most out of it.
– It’s essential to have the ground perfectly levelled, so both sides of the body are applying the same force. That’s why the G-852 has level adjusters underneath to allow you to balance the Cross-Trainer on an unbalanced surface. The G852’s folding design allows easy folding and storage when not in use. The machine’s built-in transport wheels make it easy to transport and store. Once folded, the elliptic bike occupies a small footprint of 85 cm in length by 63 cm in Width.
This folding capability does not reduce its performance.
– The console has 12 pre-set workout programs and 24 levels of intensity. Its backlit LCD increases readability in low light conditions, so it’s easy to read speed, RPM, time, distance, calories burned and watts the monitor displays. The LCD console also features 1 Customizable program and 1 Pulse / Heart Rate Control program (HRC) and comes with Easy Access Keys for a Recovery program and Body Fat Test.
– You can either use the elliptical batons or the Handlebar. Place your hands on the Handlebar for higher intensity lower body training. With this position and the right level of resistance, you can get the most of your legs and abdominals workouts. The sensors located on the Handlebar will give you real-time results of your heart bit rate, so you are in control of your effort.
– Why are Watts reading on your BH G852 Folding Cross-Trainer so important? It’s a measurement of power you are producing to “pedal” on your Elliptical. Setting a constant Watts workout can be essential to make your training or your calories burning more efficient as it’s a real-time value, not influenced by outside factors. For example, if you increase your speed, the machine adapts and decrease the resistance; likewise, if you slow down, your G-852 will keep you in your watt range by increasing the resistance. Simple and clever! Watts’s workouts are widely used among athletes, such as cyclists and rowers, to evaluate the intensity of their workout, so they can pace their efforts; it helps build endurance, speed, strength and improve overall performance. If you decide training with watts (calories = watts x duration calculated in hours x 3.6), you will increase your stamina very quickly; as a reference 50 for 100 watts for a beginner, 100-150 for an intermediate, 200 for an advance, and up to 400 for experts.
The magnetic resistance system of the BH EasyFlex G852 Folding Cross-Trainer’s inertial system guarantees precise and silent training. With 45 cm stride, it’s a fantastic all-around machine, and the folding system provides an easy storage solution. In addition, universal support for smartphones and tablets on the console will keep you entertained while you exercise.
Founded in 1909, BH started to manufacture exercise equipment back in 1969, offering high-quality products. BH Fitness is certified under the ISO 9000 standards, which is a quality guarantee. That’s why the BH Fitness EasyFlex G852 Folding Cross Training presents outstanding features, allowing you to get the most out of your training sessions.

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